Rafael Moneo Reveals Design of His First Condo Tower in Miami

Rafael Moneo Reveals Design of His First Condo Tower in Miami, Courtesy of Apeiron Miami
Courtesy of Apeiron Miami

Rafael Moneo has unveiled the design of his first Miami project, a luxury high-rise at the north end of the city. Known as Apeiron at The Jockey Club, or simply Apeiron, the condo project features a pair of towers to be completed in separate stages and will include 240 serviced residential units, a 90-key boutique hotel, a deep-water marina, health and wellness facilities, and outdoor pools. With Apeiron, The Jockey Club hopes to hearken back to its 1970s heydey, when it was a center of Miami’s vibrant social and nightlife scenes. Apeiron, a Greek work meaning ‘limitless’, is at 11111 Biscayne Boulevard, a location with expansive views of the water and surrounding landscape.

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Moneo overlooks the project's site, to the right of frame, from a nearby rooftop. Image Courtesy of Apeiron Miami

Moneo overlooks the project’s site, to the right of frame, from a nearby rooftop. Image Courtesy of Apeiron Miami

“One of the first things to strike me about the chance to build at Apeiron was the opportunity to design not just with the architecture, but with the gardens, with the marina and with the views,” said Rafael Moneo. “I think what will distinguish the buildings there is the way they are integrated with an experience enriched by all these ingredients.”

The project’s development team includes Horst Schulze, leader of Capella Hotel Group; Michael Bedner, co-founder of HBA International; and Muayad Abbas, founder and managing partner of Urbanis Advisors.

“We are proud and honored to count Rafael Moneo as a member of our team, and we look forward to a beautifully-designed project that will enhance the entire Jockey Club property and surrounding community,” said developer Muayad Abbas. “Every facet of this project – from landscaping, to interior design, to hospitality offerings – is being done to the highest standards, and Rafael’s involvement in the architectural design is perhaps the clearest evidence of this complete commitment to excellence.”


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