Contemporary kitchen LAIN





natural oak, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, laminate


island, hidden

Other characteristics



A smart kitchen rich in aesthetic variants

Lain A smart kitchen rich in aesthetic variants that fully express all the quality of performance typical of high range models. This project can meet the most diverse personal tastes.

LAIN Doors for base units and finishing panels in thermostructured textured natural oak and mat white tecnolamina, wall units and tall units in mat white tecnolamina.

M33 handle, groove profile and h.8 cm plinth in stainless steel finish aluminium.Ardesia laminate top and “suspended” island hood in stainless steel.

OPEN Base units in thermostructured textured natural oak with Bank shelves with LED light.

UP Boiserie and shelves in thermostructured textured natural oak.

SNACK WORKTOP Th.4 cm snack top in thermostructured textured natural oak, inclined on 4 sides. Island with Open unit and Bank shelves with aluminium frame and glass.

On the left, the functional M33, a 33° inclined groove profile that gives to the door a special look and creates a precise, technical appearance.

Lain fits into the home and characterises its architecture by juggling full and empty spaces.


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