ARCHY NAIJA is a blog which focuses majorly on architectural advancements in the world; we also pry into other fields of Construction which are quite related to architecture.

Targeted Readers

Through our blog posts, we primarily target:
* Architects,
* Building and Construction Engineers,
* Building Products Manufacturers,
* Real Estate’s Developers,
* Contractors,
* M&E Engineers.
* Suppliers/Distributors,
* Interior Designers
* Architectural enthusiasts and everyone that lives in a house.


ARCHYNAIJA is the most informative architectural blog in Nigeria and beyond, given to inform and update sundry internet users and architecture enthusiasts on the latest trends, in the field of architecture, with accurate, elaborative and precise information on building materials and technological advancements in construction industry.


Archy Naija blog post delivery will be through insightful yet concise and description about the post with pictorial images.

ARCHY NAIJA is also active on other platforms which include:

 LinkedIn:Archy Naija
 Facebook:Archy Naija
 Twitter:@ArchyNaija
 Whatsapp:+234 806 259 1996,+234 703 186 5341,+234 805 330 3926
 Google plus:Archy Naija

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    1. Very informative. Provides world wide news about building construction industry including interior design and fit-out.


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