GMP and BBP Refurbish Concert Hall at Kiel Castle

Architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp), together with bbp, obtained the commission to refurbish the concert hall at Kiel Castle, dating back to the early 1960s, according to the established conservation principles.

The design proposed by the architects aims to preserve the concert hall, rehabilitate this space and bring it back to its original condition. This modern heritage will undergo a refurbishment that will target the acoustics and induce a technical upgrade. The concert hall will offer 1,400 seats for classical concerts as well as for theater performances, festivals, and congresses.

The new project encourages the use of light materials and introduces a new lighting concept that “emphasizes the qualities of the foyer and the hall, and links the spaces to create conceptual and atmospheric unity”. The acoustics and technological improvements of the hall, once established, will fulfill the requirements of classical concerts, as well as of various types of events such as theater performances, festivals, and congresses.

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Concert hall at Kiel Castle, perspective of foyer. Image © gmp Architekten

Concert hall at Kiel Castle, perspective of foyer. Image © gmp Architekten

Located in the north of the old city and to the west of Kieler Förde, Germany, Kiel Castle was built on the ruins of the old structure, one of the most important buildings of the Renaissance in Schleswig-Holstein, of which only the west wing survived after World War Two. The contemporary building, comprised of the new east wing and the concert hall, was designed in 1965 by the Hamburg architects Sprotte and Neve. The listed historic monument has a forecourt linked to the inner city, and the rear and the castle garden offer views across the port landscape.

  • Negotiation Process (VgV) 2019 – Contract Awarded
  • Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz with Christian Hellmund
  • Project Lead Christian Hellmund
  • Negotiation Process Team gmp Anna von Aulock, Tobias Alexander Schmidt, Nadja Stachowski, Jens Weiler
  • Partner practice bbp:architekten bda, Kiel
  • Negotiation Process Team bbp Sven Heitmann, Doris Hönig, Sven Friedrichs
  • Client Kiel, capital of Schleswig-Holstein
  • NFA concert hall 6,300 m²
  • Seats 1,400

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