Free-standing bathtub / angle / acrylic / double AVIVA: 6619 by Artefakt

Free-standing bathtub / angle / acrylic / double AVIVA: 6619 by Artefakt HOESCH Design


  • Installation:


  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Options:


  • Length:

    Min.: 1800 mm

    Max.: 1800 mm

  • Width:

    Min.: 2400 mm

    Max.: 2400 mm


Delight in beauty and enjoy unforgettable bathing pleasure which gives not only visual experience but also physical relaxation. Aviva model offers most enjoyable bath even to most demanding users and it is an ideal bathting place for two persons. Increase your pleasure by putting comfortable backrests at any chosen place of the Bathtub to seat or lie down comfortably.Aviva model is also available in wall or round version.

Side length: 1405mm
Length: 1800mm
Width: 2040mm
Base length: 1165mm
Base width: 970mm
Depth: 485mm
Installation height-bathtub: 635-700mm
Installation height-whirltub:655-695mm
Bathtub capacity: 380l

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