Oppenheim Architecture unveils images of their crystal quartz-inspired luxury towers in Australia

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Jewel Towers by Oppenheim Architecture. Image © Richard Greenwood/Courtesy of Multiplex

The Miami-based architecture, interior design, and planning firm Oppenheim Architecture shared images of their latest luxury mixed-use project, the Jewel. In February 2020, we connected with firm founder Chad Oppenheim for a Studio Snapshot interview. During the interview, we discussed the firm’s work and design ethos. “The practice is much more about creating a platform for expression,” he shared. 

“We started by doing projects in up and coming areas and using architecture as we way to extract the best return on investment for our clients,” shared Oppenheim. “Further down, we wanted to see how architecture can be as elemental as possible. Little by little, we were brought onto projects on spectacular sites, and we wanted to make the most out of them – bringing feeling and emotion as part of our ethos.”

Archinect Feature: Searching for the Elemental and Straight-Forward With Oppenheim Architecture. The Ayla Golf Academy and Clubhouse in Aqaba, Jordan. Photo by Rory Gardiner.
Residential and Hotel Tower stands at 47 stories, Luxury Residential Tower stands at 41 stories, and the Premium Residential Tower stands at 34 stories. Image © Richard Greenwood/Courtesy of Multiplex
Image courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture

Commenting on the project, Oppenheim shares, “It was crucial for us to understand and uncover the spirit of place – the site’s histories and ecologies, so the architectural “object” wasn’t an arbitrary form, but one that resonated with the land and its people. These three crystals of varying proportions and relationships were captured with 3D scanning and, with minimal modification, translated into the full-size towers that illuminate the coast today.”

Jewel Towers by Oppenheim Architecture. Image © Richard Greenwood/Courtesy of Multiplex

According to the firm, the project is the first beach-front development built along Australia‘s Gold Coast in over 30 years. The Jewel is the winning competition proposal lead by the developer RDG. Oppenheim Architecture collaborated with DBI Design to develop the project’s interior design.  


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