Gensler Designs New Generation of Office Space in Miami

Gensler has unveiled 545wyn, “the first Class-A office tower in Miami in over a decade”. In collaboration with office developer Sterling Bay and local development partner Joe Furst of Place Projects, the project introduces a new generation of office space, aiming to attract a new type of innovative, forward-focused tenants. In fact, Gensler Miami will be the building’s first tenant of the 10-story tower.

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Imagined as an expressive backdrop to the community, 545wyn is a celebration of the city and the community, while also contributing to the future of the neighborhood. Located in Wynwood, a former garment district full of long, low-slung warehouses, in which the walls served as an inviting opportunity for graffiti artists, the project incorporates the neighborhood’s unfinished and industrial nature. Moreover, part of the integration of the 10-story tower with these surroundings, Gensler included the energy of the colorful graffiti canvas under the parking floor slabs.

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Creating interlocking elements, the project takes on a floating volume for the office space, while the parking structure is an efficient open-air space. Reducing significantly the mass, the absence of exterior walls allows the art of the neighborhood to be pulled in with murals and installations, each visible to all who pass by from as far as the highway. On another hand, a pedestrian “Paseo” on the east side between the buildings, generates “a circuit of walkable space at the base that offers shade and lush gardens, engages pedestrians with artwork familiar to the neighborhood, and provides dining and retail experiences that allow workers and the community to immerse themselves in the vibrancy of the surroundings”.

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© Gensler

Inspired by the site’s earlier life as a zipper factory, the interior space of the highly active mixed-use space, preserves found objects within the old building, putting them on display in the new lobby. Actually, sewing machine pieces are hung from colorful sewing “strings” at the front glass, and a feature wall finish is made of repurposed shirts by Eileen Fisher.

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© Gensler

Set to be delivered in late 2020, 545wyn taking on 325,000 sq. ft of total space, defines furthermore the work experience in Miami’s creative district, with expansive floor plates at the upper levels. Designed to appeal to the tech-focused tenants and the community at large, these elements were made possible by interlocking the office and parking and by creating a side core building. Providing additional outdoor space, each floor was built to bear 14-inch slab-to-slab heights and floor-to-ceiling glass.

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