Retractable Insect Screen and Blind – S1 Screen | Centor

  • Use

    Insect screen and blind
  • Applications

    Residential and commercial
  • Characteristics

    Pair with folding/french/sliding doors, available in three configurations, retractable system

More about this product

Centor’s award-winning S1 Screen suits openings up to 7600m (42’) wide. As a retractable system, there are no pleats or sliding panels to impede the view. Operating with just a fingertip, the screen discreetly disappears into its frame when not in use. The insect screen can be paired with a blind in a multi-function system for complete versatility.

Available in three configurations:

  • Single: a screen or blind, extending from one side of the frame across the entire opening, up to 3900mm (12’) wide
  • Multi-function: a screen and blind, with one material type in the right frame and the other in the left, each extends across the entire opening up to 3900mm (12’) wide
  • Double: two screens or blinds (in one material type) meeting in the middle up of an opening up to 7600mm (24’) wide

Features and Advantages

  • Cycle testing to 400,000 operations in a laboratory and collision tested with a 17kg (38lb) punching bag.
  • Operate the robust screen from any height on the stile.
  • Load-balancing technology ensures the screen remains in any chosen position until moved aside.
  • A self-feeding mechanism will feed the mesh onto the roll as the screen is retracted if it blows out of the top or bottom track.
  • Screens and blinds are accessible for service or replacement.
  • The frame is available in a range of powder-coat colors, natural anodized or real timber veneer.
  • Charcoal insect mesh made from hard-wearing polyester/PVC.
  • Sun-filter blinds are available in six colors with 5% openness.


Max. frame width

  • Double system 7600mm (24′)
  • Single or Multi-function system 3900mm (12′)

Max. frame height

  • With Screen 3200mm (10′)
  • With Blind 2450mm (7’6”)

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