Foster + Partners Plan Automotive Museum on Disused Airfield in Rural England

Foster + Partners Plan Automotive Museum on Disused Airfield in Rural England, Courtesy of Foster + Partners

Courtesy of Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners have released images of their proposed Mullin Automotive Park at Enstone Airfield, now submitted for planning permission. Intended as a “world-class automotive museum in the heart of the British countryside” the scheme will rehabilitate a disused airfield to support a growing community of classic automobile collectors.

Designed as a collection of buildings arranged in a crescent, the museum draws inspiration from the concept of a rural estate, with a journey through a carefully-considered landscape towards a main focal building. As well as reflecting on the history of the automobile industry over the last century, the scheme will house an open-ended collection charting the future of mobility.

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Courtesy of Foster + Partners

Courtesy of Foster + Partners

The scheme contains a small cluster of workshop-style buildings located near the entrance, housing visitor facilities such as ticket offices and cafes. From there, visitors proceed through a landscape to site’s centerpiece museum, orientated to maximize thermal performance and minimize energy consumption.

The clustered nature of the scheme’s built element allows for most of the site to remain as green parkland. The site will also feature roads designed for exercising cars from the Mullin collection, while a series of residential pavilions and landscaped lodges bring enthusiasts closer to the automotive collection.

We are delighted to be part of this exciting new development that represents the convergence of mobility and lifestyle to create a new vision for the future. The Mullin Automotive Park will be a unique cultural destination set in Cotswold countryside, that seeks to support the wider community as well as providing a special experience for classic automobile collectors.
-Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners

News of the scheme comes weeks after Foster + Partners released details of their proposed soaring towers for Shenzhen, China.

News via: Foster + Partners


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