pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / acrylic


  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    aluminum, acrylic

  • Other characteristics:

    dimmable, LED

  • Market:



Aluminum circular ceiling light with acrylic diffuser.

We transform straight lines into shapes. On this page you will find Circline circular series 80 products.

Circline for circular. The number 80 corresponds to the height of the aluminum profile.

In the Circline range you can choose the type and orientation of the profile, the type of diffuser and the best installation option in relation to your needs.

Sens of light : direct, indirect or more

For the single light : On the inside of the circle or on the outside .On the top or on the bottom.

For the more versatile luminaires : Inside and outside, top and bottom.


The sizes available in the catalog are there to help you discover the range and help you appreciate the possibilities. If you want an intermediate size to adapt the luminaire to your project, no problem.


The price of our luminaires is tied to the quantity of material necessary to manufacture it, there is no extra cost for the custom.

Warranty and lead time

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