DesignRail® Aluminum Railing Kits | Feeney


  • Use

    Railing frame system
  • Applications

    Commercial and residential
  • Characteristics

    Pre-drilled posts and pickets to support 1/8-in. CableRail by Feeney stainless steel cables (sold separately).

More about this product

Feeney DesignRail® Aluminum Railing Kits are a great solution for customers looking for a fast and easy way to install high quality exterior or interior aluminum railings with CableRail.

Feeney DesignRail® pre-engineered, component based, aluminum railing frame systems combine the durability of aluminum with the innovative design details that assure structural integrity while drastically reducing long term maintenance expenses. Our systems are easy-to- install, attractive and cost effective.


  • Engineered for easy installation using components that snap and screw together.
  • CableRail Ready: Pre-drilled posts and pickets to support 1/8-in. CableRail by Feeney stainless steel cables (sold separately).
  • Made of high quality 6000 series aluminum extrusions with AAMA­2604 powder­-coated finishes for long lasting beauty and performance.
  • Available for both 36­in. and 42­in. level railings and 36­in. stair railings.

Your railing system will require specific quantities and types of kits and parts depending on the configuration of your project.


Post Kits

Each Post Kit includes a post with a pre-attached base plate, a post cap, and mounting screws with caps. All posts come pre-drilled for the cable fittings or cables to pass through, and can accommodate isolation bushings when required. Stair posts are pre-drilled at an angle to accommodate a stair slope of between 29 and 34 degrees. Level Post Kits are available for railings in two heights: 36-in with 9 cable holes, or 42-in with 11 cable holes. Stair Post Kits are available for 36-in stair railings. Isolation bushings are recommended for installations in harsher climates, such as areas near salt water.


Rail Kits

Rail Kits contain the rails that run between the posts. Each kit includes a 6-ft top and bottom rail, a pre-drilled intermediate picket, and all necessary attachment hardware. Top and bottom rails can be trimmed to exact length in the field. Use Rail Cut Kits if cutting a single Rail Kit for use in multiple smaller sections. Rail Kits can be used with DesignRail® Post Kits or between your own wood posts.



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