Solo-M Acoustical Wood Panel | Decoustics

  • Use

    Walls, ceilings
  • Applications

    Airports, arenas, hospitals, restaurants, universities, offices, lobbies, auditoriums, hotels
  • Characteristics

    Natural wood veneered ceiling or wall panel, class A flame spread when tested in accordance with ASTM E84, high-performance no-added urea formaldehyde MDF core, improve room acoustics with high NRC value, 100% engineered panel

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More about this product

Decoustics Solo-M is a fully customized acoustical ceiling or wall panel. Solo-M panels are available in a variety of natural wood veneers. Custom veneers, stains or paint finishes can be specified. Solo-M veneer lay-up is normally slip matched and quarter cut but can specified based on design intent. Decoustics Solo-M panels are engineered to
specified sizes up to 3’ x 5’ (914mm x 1524mm) and can be custom curved to a minimum outside radius of an approximately 32” (800mm).

Solo-M panels are constructed from perforated no-added formaldehyde MDF core with a natural wood veneer laminated to the panel face and an acoustical black matt laminated to the back side of the panel. For additional acoustical performance, optional loose fill insulation can be added to the back of the installed Solo-M panels.

Solo-M Advantages:
Solo-M is a natural wood veneered ceiling or wall panel
– Class A flame spread when tested in accordance with ASTM E84
– High-performance no-added urea formaldehyde MDF core
– Improve room acoustics with high NRC value
– 100% engineered panel; no field modifications necessary
– Grooving can be stopped to create an integral boarder of any width or you can specify a traditional frame
– Various mounting methods available for ceiling application; including Decoustics Ceilencio® 100% downward accessible suspension system

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