Designing for Clients

Courtesy of Leewardists
Courtesy of Leewardists

As every good design professional knows, the client is at the forefront of every project. Sometimes this can feel like the client plays judge, jury, and executioner to every last revision, and in a field as detailed and complex as architecture, satisfying these demands, as well as the designer’s own creative vision, can be bewildering and aggravating. But in the end, doesn’t adapting to another person’s tastes just push us to be better?

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Courtesy of Leewardists

Courtesy of Leewardists

Centuries of civilizations built on structures designed by architects and yet, their voice is lost among the countless stories of rulers and armies and sometimes wondrous monsters. 

The Leewardists are rewriting the contemporary history of our civilization through the voice of this elusive being, The Architect.

For more of The Architect Comic Series follow them on FacebookInstagram or visit their website


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