Swing door / oak / armored Sovrana: mod. Biplus

Swing door / oak / armored Sovrana: mod. Biplus GAROFOLI


  • Opening system:


  • Material:


  • Technical characteristics:



The Sovrana security door collection makes it even easier to coordinate the vast number of products in the Garofoli range.
Sovrana comes in a wide variety of expressions and possible configurations, remaining true to the Garofoli tradition of paying great attention to details, the choice of materials and the possibility of fitting in seamlessly with the whole Garofoli product family.
The Sovrana security doors resemble in every aspect standard swinging door from any collection.This ensures they can be installed in your home seamlessly matching the other doors.
You can enjoy a wide choice and take your time to be able to ensure the exterior and interior security doors match the other doors, boiserie, parquet floors, and wardrobes.
Sovrana makes bedrooms and all other precious areas in your house more secure without restricting the choice of style.
// On the right: Bisystem door mod. 7PA Biplus, oak wenge, view the pull side. On the left panel doors with Bisystem mod. 7PA Biplus, oak wenge //


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