AIA releases statement on 2016 U.S. Election results — Will Trump’s relations with architects change?

Photo via AIA.

Photo via AIA.

The unthinkable has happened and Donald Trump is now the president-elect of the United States. Considering Trump’s rocky relations with architects (and critics) and his comments on America’s “inner cities” during the debates, now that he has won the White House, what does a Trump presidency mean for the architecture industry in the coming years?

In what sounds like every public-figure response to the election results, the AIA released their own statement today saying that they “are committed to working with President-elect Trump to address the issues our country faces”. That includes core architecture issues like housing, infrastructure, and energy/the environment. If you need a refresher on Trump’s stances on these issues, Archinect recently summed them up here.

Here is the entire AIA statement from Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy:

“The AIA and its 89,000 members are committed to working with President-elect Trump to address the issues our country faces, particularly strengthening the nation’s aging infrastructure. During the campaign, President-elect Trump called for committing at least $500 billion to infrastructure spending over five years. We stand ready to work with him and with the incoming 115th Congress to ensure that investments in schools, hospitals and other public infrastructure continue to be a major priority.”

“We also congratulate members of the new 115th Congress on their election. We urge both the incoming Trump Administration and the new Congress to work toward enhancing the design and construction sector’s role as a major catalyst for job creation throughout the American economy.”

“This has been a hard-fought, contentious election process. It is now time for all of us to work together to advance policies that help our country move forward.”

The AIA is gearing up to cooperate with Trump to tackle these pressing urban issues, but will he return the favor? You be the judge.


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