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    Exterior Doors with integrated insect screens, shades, and hardware
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    Folding Doors, screens, shades and hardware combined as one, screens are available in two mesh types, shades include Light-filtering and Blackout options, self-latching Centor AutoLatch™ locks, panels glide with fingertip operation

More about this product

Create inside-outside living without the compromises with the world’s first Integrated Doors.

Challenging all concepts of what is know as a door today, Centor has combined doors, screens, shades and hardware as one, to create a new category of Integrated Doors that connect homeowners to the outside without the compromises.

As first product in the range, the Centor Integrated Folding Door is available in many configurations and can span openings up to 9214mm (30’ 2 ¾”) wide.

Providing unprecedented versatility, the built-in screens and shades control insects, sunlight and privacy and retract completely into the doorframe when not in use. The screens are available in two mesh types, controlling even the smallest insects, while the shades include Light-filtering and Blackout options. There’s a choice of three fabric patterns, with a range of colours offered in each.

To further minimise visual distractions to outside views, Integrated Folding Doors feature the self-latching magnetic Centor AutoLatch™ that allows you to close and lock door panels with a single hand movement. Concealed hinges remain out of sight when the panels are closed. Each component works seamlessly with the next to deliver superior performance. Panels glide with fingertip operation thanks to Centor’s patent-pending hardware.

Integrated Folding Doors are constructed from thermally-improved aluminium and are available in a range of interior and exterior finish options. They are designed to complement many architectural styles and are compatible with most forms of wall construction.

Centor Integrated Folding Doors have been recognised with several awards since their release, including a coveted Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Award in 2015.

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