Contemporary chandelier / crystal / handmade CIEL

Contemporary chandelier / crystal / handmade CIEL Manooi


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Ciel evokes a clear and starry night in the desert. Your Personal Universe with sparkling Swarovski stars. The numerous, customized crystals of different sizes, produce multiple beams of light which delicately illuminate the space.
You can choose in colour black, white or champagne gold.

COLLECTION:  Personal Universe
Type:               suspended chandelier
Structure:        fiberglass, polished stainless steel
Colours:          any RAL colour
Suspension:    galvanized bowden – Ø 1,5 mm
Light source:   LED
Cable:             transparent PVC+PVC/textile (black/white) – 250 cm
Ceiling Rose:   polished stainless steel

Ciel 60:    L 60 x W 60 x H 30
Ciel 100:  L 100 x W 100 x H 50
Ciel 180:  L 180 x W 180 x H 55


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