This modern home in Malibu includes plenty of palm trees and ocean views

Burdge & Associates

Californian architecture firm Burdge & Associates, have recently completed this new home in Malibu.

The home is currently for sale through Hilton & Hyland and MariSol Malibu.The home has a landscaped path lined with palm trees that guide you to the front door.Upon entering the home, there’s a living room, focused on a built-in fireplace with concrete surround.Behind the fireplace, there’s a bar and games area.The home has been designed for indoor/outdoor living, with a very open floor plan.The kitchen has a large island for food prep and space for gathering around with friends.There’s a sun deck with a 67-foot infinity edge swimming pool, and spectacular uninterrupted views of the ocean.Heading back inside and upstairs, there’s a walkway that allows you to look down to the lower level.

This large bedroom opens up to a private balcony.This bathroom has a floor-to-ceiling window in the shower.In this bathroom, there’s hidden lighting tucked away behind the vanity.And then there’s the home cinema that has tiered seating, perfect for viewing movies.The home is currently for sale through Hilton & Hyland and MariSol Malibu.

Zinc Coil – Sheets elZinc | MetalTech-USA

Key information

  • Use

    Building Material
  • Applications

    Interior / Exterior surfaces
  • Characteristics

    Zinc is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion and can be recycled indefinitely.

More about this product

MetalTech USA’s standard coil width is meter wide in all colors (natural, slate, red, brown, blue, green, gold, and black) and standard gauges are .7mm .8mm 1mm 1.2mm and 1.5mm.

elZinc coils are available in 1, 2, and 4 ton.  Custom coils are available upon request:

– 0.7 mm (24 gauge/0.028″) (1.03 lb./ft.2)
– 0.8 mm (22 gauge/0.032″) (1.18 lb./ft.2)
– 1 mm (20 gauge/0.04″) (1.48 lb./ft.2)
– 1.2 mm (18 gauge/0.05″) (1.77 lb./ft.2)
– 1.5 mm (16 gauge/0.06″) (2.21 lb./ft.2)


Our standard sheet widths are 39.4” (meter wide) and with a length of 120” in gauges of .7mm, .8mm 1mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm. Custom widths and cut to lengths are also available by request.

elZinc’s backside coating Protect+ is available for widths of .7mm, .8mm.,1.0mm.,and 1.2mm

Ask us about special thicknesses available.

elZinc color available: natural, slate, graphite, red, gold, green, blue, brown, and black

Why Use elZinc on Your Projects?

elZinc coils and sheets may be purchased directly through MetalTech-USA.  They are available in the natural finish as well as two preweathered finishes and 6 Rainbow colors.

The advantages of using zinc in the construction sector are numerous:

Durability: elZinc has a very long life. One of the most important characteristics of zinc is that it is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion. The patina that appears on the surface after exposure has a self-protecting effect giving the material a beautiful appearance which lasts for decades.

Environment: Zinc is one of the few materials used in construction that can be recycled indefinitely without losing its physical and chemical characteristics.

Malleability: Zinc conforms to practically any shape including bends and complex geometric forms. Architects have great freedom in their designs.

Style: Zinc is a contemporary material which is perfectly suited for all types of construction both in classical and modern architecture.

Variety:  elZinc offers a huge variety of surface finishes, allowing vast application possibilities.

elZinc’s manufacturing process warranties quality of the product in each stage of production.

elZinc sheets and coils are distinguished by:

Malleability, irrespective of the rolling direction
– High stability once formed
– Electrofusion optimal performance due to low surface oil.
– Limited low temperature brittleness

All rolled products by elZinc exceed the requirements set by the ASTM B69-13 standard for rolled architectural zinc and the EN988 standard. All geared to providing products of the highest quality.

For more information about elZinc, please reach out to us through our contact/quote button on top or

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