Knitknot Architecture Seeks Funds for Nicaraguan School

Knitknot Architecture, in collaboration with nonprofit group Seeds of Learning, has designed — and israising funds to build — the El Jicarito School. Located in El Jicarito, a tiny village in Nicaragua, the school will serve 27 children who currently do not have a school to attend.

The low-cost school design aims to bring the community together through collaborative construction methods, the use of local materials, and the creation of a new educational landscape that will enhance creativity.

© knitknot architecture© knitknot architecture© knitknot architecture© knitknot architecture+13

Overall, the school will feature two classrooms, a multipurpose space, and a public square/playground area. Both of the classrooms are conceived as flexible spaces, in an effort to “stimulate and promote interactive teaching and classes with different formats.”

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© knitknot architecture

© knitknot architecture

The floors will be made of poured colored concrete, the walls will be earth-bags, and the columns and beams will be made out of reinforced concrete with steel framing, all as a part of an experimental and learning-based building process that will help the community come together.

Part of the land needed to build the school will be donated by the municipal government.

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Planta. Image © knitknot architecture

Planta. Image © knitknot architecture
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© knitknot architecture

© knitknot architecture

In addition to use as a school, the space will be available for community meetings, adult education classes, and traveling medical brigades.

Learn more about the project, or donate to the indiegogo fund, here.

News via indiegogo.

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