Flexible LED light strip BELT

Flexible LED light strip BELT Targetti Sankey S.p.a.


LED luminous strips, supplied in 5 mt. reels for indoor and outdoor use and distinguished for their high luminous efficacy, the dimmable option, zero maintenance and zero UV emissions; available in warm white (2800K and 3000K) up to 77W and in the 50W RGB version.

Concept: LED light strip.

Materials: Flexible PVC profile, supplied in 5 meter reels with 120 LEDS/m (77W versions) and 60 LEDs/m (24W and 41W), equipped with wires and connectors on both ends. Available in the RGB Version with 60LED/m (50W).

Optic: Front-emitting LEDs with a projection angle of 120° available with IP20 or IP68 protection.

Mounting: The strips can be installed using 3M® bioadhesive film or silicone fixing clips (supplied). For the visible installation, the rigid profiles are also available as accessories. The strip can be cut to length with a pair of scissors at intervals of 6 LEDs (restoring the waterproof properties with the caps supplied for IP68 versions). Each reel comes with an extra kit of male-female connectors for cutting the light profile in two segments. Maximum length for single feeding 5 meters. Also suitable for outdoor and permanent underwater installation.

Power Supply: To be fed with 230V/24VDC electronic transformer available as an accessory. Dimming is possible by means of the special Kit available as accessory.

Note: 24W Versions – maximum 15 meters can be connected to the same power supply; 41W Versions – maximum 10 meters can be connected to the same power supply; 77W Versions – maximum 5 meters can be connected to the same power supply. Two LED strips of 77W can be connected in parallel to the same power supply.

Voltage: 24V-DC


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