ARCHITECTS COLLOQUIUM 2016, Urbanization And Sustainable Built – Environment In Nigeria

Architect Coloqium 2016

Architecture and The National Development Agenda IX
‘Urbanization And Sustainable Built – Environment In Nigeria: Role of the Architects And Allied Professionals’
Call for Papers
25th – 28th April, 2016, Abuja
1.0 2016 Conference Events;
i: Paper Presentations
ii: CPDP I: Report of Open Competition on Sustainable Design Projects (Community Model Primary, Clinic, Police Post)
iii:   CPDP II: Institutional Master Planning and Condition of Engagement of Architectural Services in Nigeria
iv: CPDP III: NIAEB and the Challenges of Globalization in Architectural Education/Practice.
iv: CPDP IV: Studio Session on Sustainable Design, Detailing, and Simulations/ Report on Sustainable Office Block for ARCON.
2.0 Conference Theme;
‘Urbanization and Sustainable Built-Environment in Nigeria: Role of the Architects and Allied Professionals’
The rapid urbanization sweeping across most developing economies of Africa poses serious challenges of sustainable development, healthy living, poverty reduction, security and infra-structural provision to our towns and cities.  Evolving appropriate policy strategies for our rural and urban areas are key to future sustainable development and growth of most African nations. Papers relating to the role of Architects in all aspects of sustainability and energy-efficient design of the built environment are welcome.  These include but not limited to; architecture, urban/regional planning, engineering, building construction, surveying, energy/sustainable technologies, property development. Papers relating to practice and Field experience are highly welcomed.
2.1 Sub-themes;
i: The concept of ‘Millennium Village’ and Role of the Architect in Rural Development.
ii: Housing Stock and Infrastructure Provision for Urban/Rural Centres in Nigeria
iii: Evolving Sustainable Construction Materials and Energy Efficient Technologies for the Built Environment.
iv: Urban Design, Slum Upgrading and Resilient Cities.
v: Emerging Trends in Architectural Education and Practice in a the Twenty-first Century.
3.0 Timelines;
Submission of Abstract                         Up-to 15th November, 2015
Review & Acceptance of Abstract            6th December, 2015
Final Submission of Reviewed Paper:    14th February, 2016
Printing of Book of Abstracts                  24th January, 2016
The Colloquium:                                   Monday, 25th to Thursday 28th April, 2016.
4.0 Instructions to Authors;
All papers presented at the conference will be peer-reviewed before publication. Authors are encouraged to use the following guide for preparation of their manuscripts;
i; Manuscripts of Abstract and full Papers typed in MS Word shall be sent to ressand copied &
ii: Venue of the conference is Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja.
iii: Papers should normally NOT exceed fifteen (15) pages typed double-spaced (including quated materials) on A4 Portrait sheets using regular 12 point Points New Roman font. Bold characters/Italics may be used for emphasis.
iv:Each manuscript must be accompanied by an Abstract of not more than 300 words to appear at the beginning of the article, stating what the study is all about (Problem Definition), how the study was carried out (Methodology/Methods), major findings of the study, conclusion/recommendation stating the benefits derived from the study. Only Abstracts of Author(s) that are satisfactorily assessed will be allowed to produce the full paper.
v: A brief Biographical sketch of Author(s) should be included together with power pt. slides, email address/GSM line for ease of correspondence.
5.0 For Additional Informatione
Please contact ARCON website or call 0802-316-0006, 0803-786-4861, 0803-379-9919, 0803-321-4115.
Arc. Umar Murnai, fnia
Registrar, ARCON

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