Public Vote Selects A Collection Of ‘Future Architecture’ Ideas

Geographical range of the selected Ideas. Image Courtesy of Future Architecture Platform
Geographical range of the selected Ideas. Image Courtesy of Future Architecture Platform

The results of the 2015 Future Architecture Call for Ideas have been announced, “revealing the critical thinking of the currently emerging generation of designers and architects in relation to the existing models that shape architecture as a discipline.” Submissions presented visions “of what architecture could be, and highlighted architects and designers as initiators of change in the larger societal picture.” As the first pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers, it has been designed to both bring together ideas about the future of cities and architecture closer to the wider public.

You can browse the selection after the break.

The Future Architecture Call for Ideas 2015 produced 291 proposals by 524 emerging artists from 39 countries. The call was looking for individuals from various disciplines to present and apply new ideas on architecture both for today and what we should look forward to in the near future. The speakers at theFuture Architecture conference in Ljubljana will be the individual authors of the applications selected from the Call by platform members:

Tomaž Pipan (Slovenia), urbz (India), Jack Self (United Kingdom), Lavinia Scaletti (Italy), Land+Civilization Compositions (The Netherlands), Esen Gökçe Özdamar, Ahmet Bal, Şermin Şentürk (Turkey), Plan Común (Chile), Sonja Jankov (Serbia), Something Fantastic (Germany), CNTXT Studio (United Kingdom), Ana Jeinić (Austria), dotlinearchitects (Switzerland), Aman Iwan (France), Clement Blanchet (France), Vera Seriakov, Nela Kadic (Austria), Anja Humljan (Slovenia), Léopold Lambert (France), Cristina Ampatzidou, Ania Molenda (The Netherlands), Linnea Våglund (Sweden), Manon Mollard (United Kingdom), Guerilla Architects (Germany), Sodeste (Chile), Miloš Kosec (Slovenia), Sara Neves and Filipe Estrela (Portugal).


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