Transitional Melamine and Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet/Oppein

op15-l16 u shaped kitchen cabinet

With the white lacquer and wood grain melamine cabinet, the whole kitchen looks elegant. Besides, it evokes a natural and environmental style. It is not a place for you to work here, but a place for you to enjoy your life here. Cooking is no more a boring thing.
op15-l16 flat kitchen cabinet
Concise Design

The white lacquer with this long stainless-steel handle makes the cabinet look perfect. This kind of handle matches with the whole style closely, and it deepens the extent of elegance.

op15-l16 lacquer cupboard
Unique and Useful

In the quartz countertop, there is a u-shape HPL workplace. Being scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant, this HPL countertop is also a better choice for kitchen cutting work.

op15-l16 wooden kitchen cupboard.
op15-l16 wood cupboard
Beautiful in Design

This functional high cabinet contains two cabinets for electrical appliances, which could save lots of space. Besides, it looks very beautiful and gives a feeling of tidy.


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