Batimatec 2015 Lacquer and Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet/Oppein

This kitchen shows the precision beauty of minimalist aesthetics. Its simple color assortment emanates a fresh atmosphere. Immaculately crafted in a subtle elegance captures the fashionable essence of urban living. Grey quartz stone and wood grain laminate countertop add rich elements to the kitchen. Open cabinets beside the high gloss red lacquer door also can put some china and decorations. Besides, visible wall cabinets is convenient for you to take stuff when you need it.


The most beautiful way to show colours in a kitchen. The collection has more than 35 colors. With matte, high gloss or flash surface. Flawless thanks to the use of premium materials, outstanding pre-treatment and special multi-layer lacquer finishing.


Resists heat, water, bacteria and stains; Most durable option, resists scratches; Nonporous; Easy cleaning; Feels like natural stone, but requires low maintenance; More consistent color and pattern than natural stone.

Particle board, formaldehyde emission qualification is better than the European E1 standard limit.

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