RIBA Announces New International Prize for Global Architecture

The Royal Institute of British Archtects (RIBA) has announced the launch of its new global architecture award for the world’s best new building, called the RIBA International Prize. Open to any qualified registered architect around the world, the new prize will be awarded to a building that “demonstrates innovative and visionary design whilst making a distinct contribution to its users and to its physical context.”

The winner will be chosen by a Grand Jury headed by Richard Rogers, Kunlé Adeyemi, andPhilip Gumuchdijan, and including other notable members. Rogers welcomed the prize, saying, “I’m delighted to lead the jury for the inaugural RIBA International Prize, and look forward to discovering how architecture is reacting to and resolving issues posed by the changing demands of a global community. We look forward to establishing the RIBAInternational Prize as a new standard by which to assess and promote design excellence on a global scale.”

The RIBA International Prize is the most significant new award in RIBA’s history. Learn more about the award, or apply here.

News via the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)


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