In-ground swimming pool / concrete / overflow / outdoor HAMPSTEAD

In-ground swimming pool / concrete / overflow / outdoor HAMPSTEAD GUNCAST SWIMMING POOLS


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For a recent project in Hampstead, London, Guncast designed and constructed an outdoor swimming pool that was to leave some garden and planting space for the clients, but could provide a pool area large enough for a family to enjoy.
The pool measures 9m in length and has an infinity edge at one end. The pool has a swimming pool cover, and the cover pit is housed under decking at the opposite end of the pool.
The plant room, in an effort to maximise space, was placed underground, allowing the clients to maintain the architectural landscaping and garden space. The swimming pool is heated using a small heat exchanger, enabling the plant room to be significantly smaller than a more traditional heating system.
A unique addition to this swimming pool was the feature wall to one side lit by customised lighting, creating a stunning effect on the swimming pool itself.


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