Since 1972 a history started……..

Gruppo Euromobil


The story of Euromobil Established in 1972 is a remarkable case history, even in the regional business context of Veneto, which abounds in successful model industries. This story concerns a company that began from the second

half of the 80s with the size and mentality of a small business throughout the cleverness of choices the property, composed by the brothers Antonio, Gaspare, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo has always adopted. It has profoundly changed to become one of the largest industrial groups in the challenging furnishing business. The Group’s concept of furniture making has changed to provide a true centre of design and consultation for home furnishings, with the production of custom-made kitchens in short delivery terms. Among the goals we can say we have achieved, the most important has been the industrial optimization of furnishing products, which enables us to offer a better quality/price ratio.

The initial development of the company was based on the labor force produced by the five brothers, who jointly represented a formidable economic resources and productive, but that has not stopped the company to direct its subsequent path to more modern and integrated forms of management. The history of Euromobil is, therefore, a story of passion, unity, good ideals, a story that for over thirty years is a point of reference for the world of furniture and enterprise.

Design skills, harmoniousness among trading partners and continuous improvement of services, pre and post sales, become the greatest strengths of the Group, which begins at the same time to invest in their external image, to make it coherent at the raising of its market positioning: Euromobil Group today consists of Euromobil for kitchens, Zalf for living areas, children space, cabinets and offices and Désirée for sofas, armchairs and beds.




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