Indoor tile / living room / floor / marble MARMOL NAIROBI

Indoor tile / living room / floor / marble MARMOL NAIROBI Porcelanosa


  • Location:

    indoor, living room

  • Installation:


  • Material:


  • Finish:



Marble has been the main material used in construction since Ancient Greek and Roman times. Thanks to its technical properties and renowned beauty, this metamorphic rock is still used in flooring and Wall tiles today, and is even seen in furnishings such as countertops, basins and decorative elements.

LAntic Colonial has a wide colour range of marbles that vary from the lightest colours, such as Blanco Almeria, to the darkest, such as Negro Marquina, also including green, reddish, brown and cream tones.

Depending on the end use of the marble, LAntic Colonial offers the option of choosing the stone finish, with a choice between Pulido and Classico for interiors, Sand Home and Lined Home for outdoor areas and Home and Lined as a covering.

PORCELANOSA Group offers different standard formats, such as 30×30, 30×60 and 40×80 cm, to make installation more straightforward, although as this is a natural stone, special orders can also be placed in any format and finish.



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