The leader in the industry of interior staircases


Rintal was founded in 1974 and has been the leader in the industry of interior staircases in Italy and throughout the world for more than 35 years.
Throughout the years our growth has been steady and we have become a laboratory of planning, technical innovation and design, continuously creating new solutions which have affirmed staircases as a furnishing element in contemporary spaces.

Today our experience allows us to meet all needs linked to stairs and the desire to design; for this reason, in addition to interior design staircases, we are also able to offer railings and tiling for concrete staircases, lofts, parquet flooring and outdoor staircases.


Become the point of reference for all those who see quality living as the essential element of everyday life.


PASSION. Love what you do
We love our work and for this reason we strengthen our commitment with the power of emotions, expressing enthusiasm and dedication to give the best of ourselves in all circumstances.

TRUST. Together we can go farther
We believe in human and professional relations based on friendly comparison and team spirit because we know that the more we are united, the more we’ll achieve.

INTEGRITY. Acting on our words and following the rules
We act ethically and fairly when dealing with people, being consistent in both word and deed.

We have the ability to make decisions, to face and overcome difficulties.



Rintal has always concentrated its efforts on design research and innovation in materials and shapes, in order to best interpret the most contemporary living trends, translating them into cutting-edge technical and stylistic solutions.



The Rintal Group is composed of  more than 500 employees, that work in a cutting-edge production system that is able to fulfil more than 15,000 orders per year.

In Italy, Rintal has more than 70 direct showrooms and 120 Staircase Professionals, who are always at the customer’s disposal, assisting them from the design phase to installation with professionalism, accessibility and assistance.

Abroad Rintal operates in the most important countries through direct branches and qualified distributors




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